Bombshell as British court seizes fresh £211m laundered by Abacha

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Bombshell as British court seizes fresh £211m laundered by Abacha
Bombshell as British court seizes fresh £211m laundered by Abacha

SOME £211,000,000 believed to have been stolen by the late Gen. Sani Abacha has been seized from a bank in Jersey, Channels Islands by a British court, it was learnt yesterday.

The cash was lodged into accounts in Jersey by Doraville Properties Corporation, a British Virgin Island company. It will be held by the government until authorities in Jersey, the United States (U.S.) and Nigeria agree on how it should be distributed.

The late Gen. Abacha, who was head of state between 1993 until his death on June 8, 1998, laundered money through the U.S. to the Channels Island.

Any money that Jersey does keep will be put into the Criminal Confiscation Fund, which is used to pay for a variety of projects. In the past, the fund has been used for the new police station and developments at La Moye Prison.

It is expected that even more money held by Doraville is likely to be seized and paid into the Civil Asset Recovery Fund in the future.

Metro UK reports that Attorney-General Robert MacRae said: “In restraining the funds at the request of the United States of America, through whose banking system the funds were laundered prior to arriving here, and in achieving the payment of the bulk of the funds into the Civil Asset Recovery Fund, Jersey has once again demonstrated its commitment to tackling international financial crime and money laundering.”

In 2014, at the request of the US authorities, the Island’s Attorney-General applied for, and the Royal Court granted, a restraining order over the Jersey bank account balance of Doraville.

The purpose of the restraining order was to preserve the money until a final civil asset recovery order could be registered in the Royal Court. Doraville applied to the Royal Court for the restraint order to be discharged, but the Royal Court dismissed the application in 2016.

Then in 2017, Doraville challenged the Royal Court’s decision, taking the case to Jersey’s Court of Appeal. That challenge was again rejected.

Also, following the decision of Jersey’s Court of Appeal, Doraville made an application to appeal against the restraint order before the Privy Council – Jersey’s ultimate appellate court.

In February last year, the Privy Council announced its rejection of this final legal challenge.

Last week, Solicitor-General Mark Temple gave a presentation in Vienna, Austria, about Doraville at a United Nations (UN) conference on corruption.

Temple said: “The conference of the States Parties to the United Nations convention against corruption is an important international forum concerned with anti-corruption measures and asset returns.

“The conference was a good opportunity to demonstrate progress with the Doraville case, as well as Jersey’s determination to deal with international financial crime more generally.”


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