You are the cause of corruption in Nigeria!

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You are the cause of corruption in Nigeria!
You are the cause of corruption in Nigeria!

No doubt, corruption has become a citizen of Nigeria, and as such, has been encountered perhaps by every Nigerian in one way or the other because its popularity has grown so fast in recent years that even the younger generation have started patronizing its merchandise and are developing dexterity already.

The growth rate of corrupt practices has probably surpassed the inflation rate in the worst country of this continent, and this seemed to have raised concerns lately. No doubt, this prompted the recent clamp down on internet fraudsters, popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo ’ by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Independence Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) to correct the wrong in our star.

The EFCC woke up to the call to tackle the fast depleting good virtues of Nigeria and her continuous decaying image in the international market as the commission made five distinguished arrests of popular internet fraudsters; Nigerian rapper, Azeez Fashola popularly known ‘Naira Marley’, Ismaila Mustapha (a.k.a) ‘Mompha’, Sarume Babafemi, a Lebanese-Hamza Koudeih, the rave of the moment in the hip-hop sector-Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael (alias) ‘Zlatan Ibile’.

The recent event was probably informed by the already battered image of the country-Nigeria in the international scene or perhaps, because of the wide gap between the rich and the poor within the country causing a deteriorating standard of living and ultimately the decadence nature apparent in virtually all sector of the country.The epidemic of corrupt practices of Nigerians grew worse recently when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States of America (USA) released a list containing names of 78 Nigerians wanted for fraud and other related offences, this further staged Nigeria and Nigerians in a bad light in the eye of other nations of the world which made the country and her people helplessly enmeshed in an incurable disease called corruption.

A great philosopher said; “look at a man the way he is, he only becomes worse, but look at him as if he was what he could be then he becomes what he should be.” This is perhaps the bane of this nation-emphasizing the menace in our society and paying less attention to our strength as a nation.

No doubt, Nigeria is one of the best nations in the world, considering her natural resources, gifts of nature as well as, her wealth of human resources, however, with people who have lived and witnessed wrongs enthroned as norms in the society, government who never remembers her people (masses) until elections period, a crop of selfish and greedy individuals cannot but be her ultimate nemesis continuing the tradition of corrupt practices bequeathed to them by older generation.

There is an urgent need for re-orientation about individuals, agencies, private sector, the government and a complete revamp of the nation as a whole for anything good to come of Nigeria’s Jerusalem.To achieve anything worthwhile in this nation, the first step to take is to change our mindset regarding life, where a single individual owns and controls the wealth more than that of the entire nation itself. Nigerians need to do away with the idea of “I first and God for us all” and begin to watch out for one another.

There is a need to stop the emphasis on the ills of our society and start to project the good aspects of this nation to the rest of the world, so that other countries of the world would know that Nigeria is not as bad as portrayed by the new media.

Also, government needs to rise up to her responsibilities, protect lives and properties, provide social amenities to alleviate the current hardship experienced by those at the lower rung of the ladder, as this will ultimately reduce crime rate, kidnapping and public unrest which now characterizes our existence.

For Nigeria to live the creed of her founding fathers there is need for Nigerians both young and old to decide to give themselves to good conducts, which is predominantly determined by the quality of policies formed and promoted by the government which translates into the standard of living of the people.

Make the people relatively comfortable, provide lucrative employment, increase local production and reduce importation, increase budget for education, increase investments in orientation and re-orientation of the people, make political position(s) less lucrative by cutting down allowances which gulps chunk of our annual budgets sending the nation into irrecoverable debts, then a new Nigeria can be birthed, one with a hope for a better posterity.


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