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Entrepreneurship as we all know is a self employed business which is written for student who must live in a world influenced by business activities, because without business human being cannot operate on his own self.

Nigeria has recently been dubbed as the hub for startups in Africa becoming the country that generates so many successful business ideas turned lucrative businesses that it’s tough to keep track . In fact, Nigerians are setting an example to many other countries showing a slow but steady diversification of their economic structure, stepping away a little from their sole valuable resource for years: oil. This new generation is opening doors and demonstrating that they are a new kind of entrepreneur who can identify and execute innovative business opportunities.

Nigeria’s pool of business opportunities has become quite large in a number of different segments. 

Nigerians are now forced to start a fresh re-wakening to the challenges and realities of true national that is a creation of new emphasis on self-employment. Graduates and school leavers are now realizing that government have no interest to come to there and through paid employment.

Some problem, business men encounter during this self employed job in entrepreneurship is that people seem to lack the ability to perceive profitable business opportunities even as the opportunities come and also they seem to be unwilling to take risk on perceive opportunities for fear of losing their capital and some are ignorant of existing business opportunities.

  Some problem, business men encounter during this self employed job in entrepreneurship is that people seem to lack the ability to perceive profitable business opportunities even as the opportunities come and also they seem to be unwilling to take risk on perceive opportunities for fear of losing their capital and some are ignorant of existing business opportunities.

Enterprise states limitless prospects and reward for private enterprise and self-employment . It is an economy that rewards creativity, initiative and hard work . Nigeria is one of such economy. People are therefore self-determining in their approach to life. Every one seems to be thinking of what he or she can do with his or her hands or brain, since it is obvious that the government cannot provide gainful employment for all the people.

Since 1960, the country’s development plan have land a great emphasis on public sector control of the economy we have a situation where the public/private sector mix has increasingly titled towards public sector domination. The trend has generally distinguished the government as a major investor in a let of business which otherwise should have been left to the private sector  the net effect of this type of government participation in (and control of) business activities has been the emergence and general perception of the government as the provider of almost all that make life worth living, including employment.

Nigeria appears to be currently finding the right path to a possible entrepreneurial venture in the 21 st century. Nigerians are now forced to start a fresh re-awakening to the real challenges and realities of true nationhood. The new emphasis on self-employment is understood to be in line with the above consideration. The unemployment situation in the country is luring a lot of unemployed Nigerians, including graduates into self-determination through self employment. 

     Graduates, and school-leavers are now realizing that government and the organized private sector enterprises are not ready to come to there and directly through paid employments. Short of alternative, Nigerians are therefore launching themselves into various business Ventures. 



Getting a food business right is the key. There has to be a mix of good customer service and management, besides the obvious initial capital investment. You do have several options to open a restaurant, either start from scratch or acquire a franchise.


All of the tools and the collaborative community available at your fingertips will make any e-commerce business easier to get off the ground. This a low-investment start up that allows for easy and on-the-go adjustments with a quick learning curve. The other big advantage is that there are tons of tools to measure the effectiveness of business strategies along the way.


The potential behind agriculture has spread to a few different types and is now leading at the front of business ideas as a replacement for the oil business. Poultry farming is one of the biggest ones, and giving up to 30 million Naira annually. Cassava, which up to recently had not been explored, is now on the rise especially since it is a main ingredient in many dishes in Nigeria. Snail rearing is also on the list, although many people are still not doing it on a large scale . Finally, rice farming , which if managed correctly can bring in a big return, will be able to compete with imported rice and fill the need of the food by choice of Nigerians.


The Nigerian population continues to rise and so does the need to build housing. Trying to keep up, the construction and housing business has boomed in the past few years. There is great demand for variety, so there all types of projects available. The investment is considerable, not as much as other businesses, but what you can be sure of is that you won’t be short of work to make the return.


This is a quite competitive business, but if done right it can be just the right timing to get into the hotel and tourism industry. This business idea will require a large amount of capital, planning and patience since it is not a quick return. The key will come down to customer service to get visitors to return and attract new ones.


Dry cleaning tends to be a quite expensive business in Nigeria, so finding affordable rates and good quality service is very scarce. To be successful you really have to set yourself apart from the current services offers by keeping to deadlines and offering fair prices.


Again in this case the imported furniture is quite expensive, so being able to design and assemble furniture locally can also be a great business idea . You don’t necessarily have to be a carpenter, you could outsource and just make sure to get a responsible and punctual provider.


As mentioned before, there has been an increase in all things online related, so of course other business ideas surge from the booming industry. One of the most relevant nowadays is online advertising which takes care of promoting online businesses and managing marketing strategies for them.


There has been a boom in the entertainment business in Africa in general, but Nigeria has definitely stood out especially in music and movies reason why it was coined Nollywood. In 2009 it had surpassed Hollywood as the world’s second largest movie industry, preceded by Bollywood. With this in mind, it is no surprise that the fashion industry followed in line and started to cater to all of the new national and international stars of the Nollywood industry with its particular style. They are setting trends, making big moves in the movie and music industry, so being part of this growing community right now would be a smart business move. The important this is to know where you would fit and what service or product you could offer to the already structured segment.

The Nigeria  population and the available  manpower has made it possible  for young  entrepreneurs  to venture into business  establishments  in the country, despite the challenges of power supply, political  instabilities  and other  related  challenges  Nigeria still  pose  as the hub of entrepreneurship  in Africa.  So, if you’re looking for just the right business idea to develop this is a great place to start. 


There is love in sharing:-




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