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Ikechukwu Ibekwe writes ✍️

It is no longer news about the outbreak of Corona virus also known as COVID-19 and how this deadly disease has been claiming lives of people world wide. This virus which broke out at Wuhan city of China spreads to other countries of the world in a speed of light. Our country Nigeria is not even left out. 

It is so alarming, preposterous and worrisome that majority of Nigerians still live in denial of the existence of this deadly virus in our country. While for some, it is just a hoax by the government of Nigeria most especially at the Federal level to siphon money, for others, our climate is too hot to contain such virus. Even as more cases are being confirmed on daily basis and a death recorded yet some strong-head Nigerians are still adamant about the existence. 

Before last week I was in a village in the northern part of the country. Villagers there shared the opinion that there's nothing like covid-19 in Nigeria. I wasn't so surprise because I assumed that they are less exposed and have limited access to social media. But when I moved down to the Eastern part of Nigeria I was shaped that many easterners in all their sophistication, exposure and education still share the same view.    All the efforts by the government and religious leaders to sensitize and bring to the awareness the existence of this deadly virus in Nigeria and how to take precautionary measures not to contract the virus seem futile. 

In my own little way, I have tried to educate people on the reality of this disease and on measures to take to avert contracting it. While some are still hellbent on its existence here, others were able to budge after much persuasion. 

Below is an excerpt of my discussion with some

1. *Them:* There is no such case as Corona virus in Nigeria 

*My response: The government must be stupid to shut down schools, close markets and suspend social gatherings then. Even the church too must be foolish to suspend church activities as services and masses, if there is no such disease in Nigeria.*

2. *Them:* Don't be deceived by the government, this is just a hoax to siphon money. 

*My response:* *Let's assume that it's a ploy by the government to siphon money, can you or me stop them from doing that if they have wished to?* *The answer is NO.* *You lose nothing by taking precautionary measures advised by the Ministry of health whether the virus is here or not.*

3. *Them:* Our weather is so hot that corona virus cannot thrive here

*My response: Is our weather hotter than those of Egypt and United Arab Emirates? But there are many confirmed cases of Covid-19 and death there*

4. *Them:* Covid-19 is a disease of rich people. Even those claimed to be affected in Nigeria are people of high status and position in the country 

*My response: 🤣🤣🤣. That most confirmed cases in Nigeria are people of high status in Nigeria doesn't make it a rich man disease. Anybody can contract it. Those rich people can easily transmit it even to the poorest person in the country. There is a chain of connection between the poor and the rich in the society. Apart from this, come to think of it 🤔, how many poor people have gone for diagnosis to ascertain their status? You that is here with me now, do you know your status?*

5. *Them:* There are many confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Lagos State, and there's a great influx of people to Eastern Nigeria from Lagos State. If truly there's such cases in Lagos, how come no case of Covid-19 has been confirmed in the east? 

*My response: In as much as I don't pray that the people of east contract the virus, how many hospitals here have diagnostic tools? How many people here have really gone for test to ascertain their status?*In as much as the government is doing everything to curtail the outbreak in this part of country, a lot needed to be done in the area of testing people*

6. *Them:* Covid-19 is just a way God is punishing the world for their sins

*My answer: Seriously? 🙄🤥 You can as well say that malaria is a way God punishes us for our sins. Earth quake, and other natural disasters are also means God punishes us for our sins. You want to tell me that out of the thousands of people killed by this virus not even one soul is righteous? Amongst the priests, religious and lay faithfuls that have lost their lives to Covid-19 none is righteous? You still want to tell me that those recovering and those that are not affected are more righteous than those that have lost their lives to this virus? In as much as I'm not an atheist, I don't like the way we spiritualize everything.*


I join the Pope and all other Faithfuls to pray OUR FATHER for the victims of Corona virus and for quick recovery. I pray for all the health workers helping to fight this disease and for the scientists to discover a vaccine for the virus. I pray for all government throughout the whole world.


There is love in sharing:-




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